A German city allows bare breasts in its swimming pool

Une ville allemande autorise... les seins nus dans ses piscines

The measure will be limited to the weekend and should be in effect from 1 May and by the end of August, we learned after the municipality on Thursday.

With this decision, the city becomes a forerunner in the topic of debate over equal treatment between the sexes in the country by being able to show off its bare torso in aquatic leisure establishments such as swimming pools.

In Germany, most saunas are already affiliated and require their customers to be naked for hygienic reasons.

The decision was inspired after an incident that happened last time at a swimming pool in the city.

An officer asked a bather, whom he believed to be a woman, to cover his chest. But this person refused because he identified as the male gender and was then denied access to the establishment.

The situation sparked a lively debate within the municipality, which finally this week announced the opening of shirtless swimming to all.

However, the debate on this topic has not stopped. However, some in the city regret the decision to limit this possibility to weekends only.

The municipality justified itself by indicating that this should not compromise school swimming lessons during the week.

The director of an aquatic center told a local newspaper that an agreement would have to be made with “users from other cultures” for whom nudity might be disturbing.

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