A group of Florida mayors has called on dissidents to issue a mask order

A group of Florida mayors has called on dissidents to issue a mask order

In Florida, a group of mayors met with the government Ron DescentisFast forward to Ron Decentis needs, voters surprisingly choose school Decentis, who proposed anti-mob law to expand Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, deserves to raise America: Why Biden would prefer a minimum wage (R) To issue a statewide mask order during a conference call on Wednesday to discuss the Covid-19 outbreak in Sunshine State.

This South Florida Sun Sentinel The mayors of Miami Beach, Sunrise, St. Petersburg, Hialeah and Miami Shores Village urged Descentis to take a variety of action to combat the epidemic, including expanding state testing and contact tracing efforts.

“It’s vaguely clear that Florida’s approach to managing this epidemic is failing miserably,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Galber (D), according to the newspaper.

“The window is closing and closing fast,” added Carlos Hernandez (R), mayor of Hialeah. “If we don’t do anything by sitting here, I should talk about shutting down the industries that sit here because the hospitals are overcrowded.”

The mayor said the mask order was one of the steps needed to prevent Florida businesses from getting out of control with another coronavirus outbreak.

The rate of new coronavirus cases in Florida has risen in recent weeks but has not yet reached the same level of punishment it reached earlier this year. Only 7,500 new cases were reported in the state on Tuesday and more than 905,000 infections have been reported since the outbreak began.

Descentis, a Republican and top ally President TrumpDonald John Trump 4646 percent of voters say Trump should seek immediate approval: Voting turned Michigan County, unanimously voted GP to certify election results., Is resistant to measures taken by other governors of smaller states to eradicate the virus. In September, he banned local officials from enforcing mask mandates at various locations in the state.

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