A letter complete with predictions

A letter complete with predictions

Sputnik’in Mirror’a Peter Beckerton, a master of furniture restoration in Peterborough, England, sent a letter written in 1969 by an 11-year-old female student to an old couch to be restored, accurately predicting some future technologies.

Reportedly, in her homework letter on February 23, 1969, some predictions of a girl who dreams of future life and the world came true in the early 21st century.

The girl wrote that years later there could be screen and video calls, saying, “It feels like a television.” Stating that televisions would also change over time, the student wrote that when televisions were small and on their keys in the past, future television screens were controlled with large keys on the seats, and the doors opened and closed by pressing the keys. Will be done. From far away.

However, it turns out that what the girl predicted, in the future, people will ring their bells by chewing gum, not normal food, not true.

Beckerton’s wife, Rosa, decided to publish the letter when she thought the younger author would be 62 years old, still alive. Rosa reported that her husband was constantly looking for something in the furniture, but the letter was the most interesting invention he had ever seen.


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