A man who traveled thousands of kilometers for a new job was fired because of his appearance Russian News EN

A man who traveled thousands of kilometers for a new job was fired because of his appearance Russian News EN

In Australia, a man traveled three thousand kilometers to a new job and was fired because of his appearance – the employer considered him too overweight. about this Inform ABC News Australia.

During the Christmas holidays, Hamish and Hazel Griffin, along with their eight-year-old son Freddie, move from Queensland to Tasmania to start a new life. After going through several rounds of video interviews and sending his photos to the employer, Hamish landed a job as a manager at a local hotel.

After being transferred, Griffin went to work, but two hours after the shift began, he was notified of the dismissal. “I was told I couldn’t do this job because I was too fat. I was told I wouldn’t be able to push the mower or climb stairs,” Hamish said. He was not involved in the maintenance of the grounds, but he understood that sometimes his help might be needed in case of shortage of staff.

The hotel’s owners commented on the situation and said that they had decided to evacuate the man due to concerns about his health, which they believe Griffin had tried to hide from him.

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The family managed to spend only one night in the new house, and in the morning the Australians packed up and had nowhere to go: now Hamish urgently needs to look for a new job. He sought legal advice to ascertain whether there had been any breach of contract and discrimination laws.

Law firm director Jonathan Mamarill said, “While there is no law in Australia to prevent employers from sacking an employee because they are overweight, it makes sense to fight discrimination based on physical disability or medical condition.” Comes.”

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before this Reportedthat in the UK, a teacher who was dismissed for too loud voice received compensation in the amount of 100 thousand pounds (10.4 million roubles). “We believe that there are serious lapses in this decision, and we will appeal it,” commented representatives of the educational institution.


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