A new crack has opened in Iceland’s volcano

A new crack has opened in Iceland's volcano

The new crack, which is monitored via a webcam, is at least one hundred meters long and is located approximately 500 meters north of the crater. It was discovered on Monday by pilots who saw the formation of the crack as they flew over the region.

Iceland Meteorological Department officials investigating New crack now but currently cannot give a reliable forecast of development.

– We cannot decide in advance how these outbreaks will behave. But there is no evidence that activity is decreasing. This scenario is not finished at all, says Magnus Tumi Gummadsan, volcanologist Ruv

At the same time, work is being done to evacuate tourists from the venue. According to Sigurur Bergman, there are people left on the mountain who may be in danger and at the moment their focus is on going to the area and closing the roads.

Two Coast Guard helicopters have been dispatched to assist in the evacuation.

The volcanic eruption attracts tourists.

Photo: Marco Di Marco

The eruption of the volcano in Fagradalsfjal, southwestern Iceland began on March 19, with thousands of earthquakes after several weeks. Many Quakes were around 5, which is strong. The ground-breaking lava has gathered in Geldingdalur, a naturally trapped valley.

This is the first time in nearly 800 years that a similar eruption has occurred in the area.

Nature scenery attracts crowdsDespite the officials’ warnings that visitors are not in contact with the area, new cracks may open up, which has now occurred, and more lava may well dissipate. The volcano is located only 40 km southwest of the capital Reykjavik and is relatively easily accessible.

The explosion at Fagradalsfjall is still considered smaller than in Eyjafjallajökull 2010, which spewed ash and smoke into the atmosphere and halted up to 900,000 flights.

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