A photo published in Marine Le Pen’s election leaflet embarrasses a national rally

Une photo publiée dans le tract électoral de Marine Le Pen embarrasse le Rassemblement national

We can call it “bad timing”. While the Rasamblement national campaign team has finalized a leaflet on Marine Le Pen, which has been printed in 1.2 million copies and distributed almost everywhere in France, international news tends to undermine this performance of the presidential candidate. have come.

In eight pages devoted to her life, her work, or even her cats, a “woman of a conviction” section appears in which we see her shaking hands with Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Moscow in 2017. can report release, Although the photo is from a time when the Russian president was still frequented by Ukrainian leaders, the current context, as well as the short sentence accompanying the photo, is unlikely to go in the direction of the national rallying candidate who is currently serving the entire village. is in the areas.

According to the French daily, departmental representatives were ordered to get rid of their remaining leaflets, even if it meant throwing away thousands. A spelling error will be applied to justify this request. It is assured by RN’s Headquarters that it is not a question of national directive but the work of zealous extremists. Under no circumstances will new pamphlets be printed.

The Constitutional Council announced Tuesday that far-right presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemor, who were struggling to collect their sponsorship, would Received 500 initials of elected office bearers required to stand in this election on TuesdayAs well as the sovereignty Nicolas Dupont-Aignon.


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