A second epidemic season is not excluded

Nouvelle souche du Covid : Une deuxième saison pandémique n’est pas exclue
On the eve of the vaccination campaign being prepared in the Kingdom, the international community is once again disturbed by the presence of a new strain of Kovid following a mutation in England. This news raises many questions about the effectiveness of vaccines and the breeding of the new epidemic crisis.

Like many countries, Morocco on Sunday decided to suspend all travel from British soil. The Kingdom’s decision has come in the wake of similar measures taken by France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland and even Israel, which not only ban visitors from entering. From the United Kingdom, but also from Denmark and South Africa. That said, British government scientific adviser Patrick Valence indicated on Saturday that the version would appear in London or Kent (south-east) in mid-September.

Immunologist of Imperial College London, Proc. According to Peter Openshaw, “The information on this new strain is very worrying.” Remarkably because “it seems 40% to 70% more permeable”.

Vaccination: new version has no effect
The new strain of the virus is “out of control”, acknowledged the British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, thus justifying the re-inclusion of London and part of England. “Until a vaccine is widely distributed, it will be very difficult to control it.”

Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) called on its members in Europe to tighten their controls. Outside British territory, a handful of cases have been reported in Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia. However, EU experts have concluded that existing vaccines against Kovid-19 remain effective against this new strain, the German government announced. “From all that we know at the present time and the following discussions that have taken place among experts from the European authorities”, the new version “has no effect on vaccines” which remains “just as effective”, Health Minister Jens Spann , Whose country has responsibility for the presidency of the European Union, said on television. Young people at risk have also been exposed to a new version of coronovirus in South Africa. Thing which explains the speed of transmission of this second wave which also affects young patients.

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This 501.V2 variant of the virus has been identified by South African researchers and reported to the WHO, Minister Zwelini Mkhize said in a statement.

This team of researchers has seized hundreds of samples from across the country since the epidemic began in March. He noticed that a special edition dominated the results of the last two months.

In addition, South African doctors have noted a change in the epidemiological landscape, especially with more young patients, without co-morbidities, who develop severe forms of the disease.

US closely follows new virus

The United States said that on Sunday, Kovid is monitoring a new version of the -19, which has been revealed in the United Kingdom, saying it was unclear whether the new strain was in American territory. “We don’t know yet. Of course, we are examining the issue very carefully,” Dr. Monsep Saloi, director of the US Kovid-19 vaccination program, told CNN. It’s “very unlikely” that Kovid-19 is The new strain, which emerged in the United Kingdom, could evade vaccine immunity, said Moroccan-origin scientist Monsep Saloi at the head of the operation. Warp Speed.

Italy, which is also affected by this new tension, will reintegrate itself for the holidays from Monday. Switzerland, for its part, on Saturday, became the first country in continental Europe to authorize the vaccine against Kovid-19, Pfizer / BioNtech. A decision taken by more than 15 other countries, including the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Jordan, Singapore and Mexico, after the green light was given to the same vaccine.

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