“A shock wave”: the French press did not react to Macron’s remarks

Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to “pee” uneducated people in an interview with Paris. The very harsh words caused a strong reaction within the French media.

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a A few months before the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron spoke directly in an interview in paris, By claiming to “pee” unvaccinated people, the president of the republic caused a real “shock wave” that shook the political class. “These are words that, of course, would mark the presidential campaign”, writes Parisian, “And that disturbs political news at all levels,” continues the daily Ile-de-France.

Title in turn, “Macron in the Red Zone” release, For a left-wing daily, if the most commented phrase from a head of state in his interview of paris It is his “desire” to “pee” the illiterate, another risk of doing too much political harm: “An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen.”

for his part, World Speaks of “a thoughtful attack against the uneducated” whose audacity can be admired. “At the risk of turning the French against each other, Emmanuel Macron now openly admits to a ruthless fight against the illiterate”, writes the national benchmark daily.

le figurearo also gave feedback. “Rarely, so to speak, under the Fifth Republic would a head of state have gone so far in the stigma of a category of the French”, summarizes the daily of the French authority in a Tribune.

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