A site that people come to because of the diamond… and it was a surprise!

A site that people come to because of the diamond... and it was a surprise!

In the hope of finding a fortune that will save them from destruction, thousands of people flocked to a poor region of South Africa last week in search of “diamonds”. They came to the edge of a hill in Kwahlati, a small village in KwaZulu-Natal (east), about 300 km from Johannesburg, and began digging with shovels, axes, or batons, hoping to find diamonds.

The topic was raised by a shepherd, who was the first to extract the mysterious stones, and the posting of his photos on social media sparked demand for the site. According to AFP, this frantic rush prompted the government to act, and it sent several scientists and mining experts to collect samples for analysis.

from Kohltik village

The results disappointed many

However, the dream of the poor did not last and their hope was extinguished. The results announced on Sunday disappointed many, who believed that the stones they removed would bring them wealth or end their lives of misery, as it turned out that the stones they removed were in fact diamonds. The crystals contained nothing but quartz, according to the preliminary results of the tests conducted on them.

“Tests have shown that the stones found in the area are not diamonds,” local officials said in a statement. He stated that they were “actually quartz crystals”, noting that the value of these stones, which have not yet been assessed, is “very little” compared to the value of diamonds.

The analysis report also indicated that the area where the stones were discovered is located near a volcanic rock called dolerite, “not a diamond storage area.” In addition, quartz crystals are also located within a sedimentary basin that extends along the site.

from Kohltik village

from Kohltik village

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social and economic challenges

The local government noted that the influx of South Africans in search of the diamond “highlighted the social and economic challenges faced by people in the area”, emphasizing that it should address the problems arising from the influx of people to the site. wants, namely the availability of quality roads and water.

At the same time, he reiterated his appeal to citizens to leave the site, taking into account the risks associated with the coronavirus and environmental degradation.


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