A stranger pays for several customers’ purchases at an Aldi in France: “We’ve never seen anything like this!”

Une inconnue paie les courses de plusieurs clients dans un Aldi en France: "Nous n'avions jamais vu ça!"

Last Friday, customers at an Aldi store in Trans-en-Provence, France, experienced a very special moment, reports Var Matin. Two customers have actually admitted to the French daily that a “generous stranger” paid for their purchases without asking them for anything.

On their way to the store’s checkout that day after making their purchases, Magali and Yan noticed a woman “probably about forty years old, wearing large sunglasses” walking around the checkout and addressing a person in front of them. Line doing. But two customers don’t really understand what’s going on until it’s their turn to pay for their purchases. Magali told the groom Mateen, “While removing the last items, the lady comes up to us and asks us if we don’t mind.”

Shocked, the young woman wants to refuse, but the mysterious stranger directly pulls out her card and pays 123 euros for the purchase, throwing to the couple: “You’ll have fun in another way!”. “We remained stupid […] We had never seen anything like this.” And the generous stranger again offered shopping for the next customer, who came out of the supermarket in tears.

After “earning a certain amount”, the stranger in the sunglasses wanted to “make the people around him happy”. It was successful!

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