A study shows how much it would take to live an ideal life

A study shows how much it would take to live an ideal life

Ale’Silver Koluche has said that does not bring happiness to those who have nothing. In fact, the question is a bit more complicated. If it remains a real luxury by providing genuine personal security, it becomes insignificant to meet the higher needs of self-fulfillment. In short, “Does money make you happy?” There is a big question, to which no one has the answer till date. Moreover, it is still necessary to determine what it means “to be rich“or” money.

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$10 million

a recent study Was interested in the amount that people consider necessary to lead a comfortable life. Psychologists from the UK Universities of Bath, Bath Spa and Exeter asked nearly 8,000 people from 33 different countries across six continents. Result ? Most people (86%) said that 10 million dollars (9.8 million euros) was an ideal amount to run “comfortable life”.

However, Americans are the only exceptions to the rule. with them, amount for “Live a Perfect Life” Close to $100 million. In contrast, in ArgentinaIn India and Russia, one in two people said they want $1 million or less to live a comfortable life.

Questioned the spirit of “unlimited needs”

Through this study, the researchers specifically want to demonstrate that the claim that we aspire to unlimited desires (an idea that dates from ancient Greece and persists in economics textbooks today) is false in most countries. , However, economics often accepts the notion that human beings have unlimited needs. “The pursuit of wealth and economic growth to meet unlimited needs faces considerable sustainability challenges as resource use and pollution increase”,

as explained ForbesThe study also found that “The ideals of limited and unlimited wealth were not related to the difference in economic growth between countries. In contrast, those who wanted high or unlimited amounts of money were generally young, urban, and associated with power, success and they lived in those countries. They also tended to live where the emphasis was on community and the difference in power was more accepted. So the enduring objectives of limiting wealth and development may, contrary to popular belief, be in line with human aspirations.

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This study along with other research was published by inequality observatory who asked the question “When are you rich in France?”, Answer ? To be considered rich you have to earn 3,673 euros after tax.

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