A traditional Uruguayan spa is flooded: impressive images of the streets | chronicle

  A traditional Uruguayan spa is flooded: impressive images of the streets |  chronicle

This Tuesday, a major storm hit a famous coastal town Uruguay, much visited by Argentina. In a short time, due to heavy rains, the drainage system collapsed and many areas were flooded.

this is the spa pireapolis, which is located within the department maldonado, less than 40 kms from Punta del Este. Other nearby areas have also been affected by the storm.

The place is overcrowded during the high season of this summer and despite the fact that it has a drainage system, the impressive flow of water overwhelmed it and firefighters had to intervene to help civilians and tourists. ,We are evacuating some residents of the flooded areas of Maldonado Nuevo and Pireapolis“, he confirmed Critic fire department spokesman, Pablo Benitez,

a severe storm hits pireapolis who was under water

It all started around 2:00 PM and as confirmed Coordination Center for Departmental EmergenciesThe situation returned to normal after 4.30 pm. The distribution staff worked round-the-clock cleaning the drains, which were closed to help the drain, but they say they were cleaned a week ago.

This is not the first time that the spa has faced such a problem as the water falls rapidly from the hills and only increases the flow of rain. The local media assured that “These types of high intensity events generate water currents which usually affect the entry and exit of various shops, hotels and houses,

Businesses and homes have been damaged by the rain Uruguay

As detailed by the head of the fire department pireapolis, Viviana BorlinkicIn the afternoon, its personnel intervened in at least 16 operations between houses, downed electrical cables and trees, and so far no human victims have been reported. But in less than two hours, water entered business premises and homes, causing losses to the entrepreneurs.

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They estimate that the most intense rain lasted about half an hour, but it was enough to cause significant material damage. ,The biggest impact was on Sanabria street, where There were vehicles parked there, which started moving due to the force of the water and collided with other people standing on the same road.“, sentenced the boss.


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