A US analyst has disclosed secret information. He was jailed for almost 4 years

  A US analyst has disclosed secret information.  He was jailed for almost 4 years

A former United States Air Force (USAF) intelligence officer was sentenced on Tuesday to 45 months in prison for leaking secret information about attacks by US drones in the Middle East.

According to Daniel Hale, the guilt prompted him to tell investigative journalist details of the US program of drone strikes in Afghanistan, which he said led to the killing of civilians.

Judge Liam O’Grady justified the amount of the sentence by needing to discourage others from disclosing classified information. He tells Hale that he has other options than to give secret information to a journalist.

he described the horrors

Daniel Hale pleaded guilty to illegal leakage of information, so the main issue before the court was whether his conduct jeopardized the national security of the United States and whether the court should also take into account the motives of his actions.

While in custody, Hale described in an 11-page letter the horrors he felt after watching videos of attacks on civilians in Afghanistan.

Hale’s legal team said “they sought to draw attention to the government’s unethical conduct under the guise of secrecy and as a violation of then-President Barack Obama’s public statements about the alleged accuracy of the military’s drone strike program.” committed a crime.” testing.

the crime was true

“Daniel Hale” was sentenced to just four years in prison. His crime was that he was telling the truth: 90% of the people killed by US drones are accidental sightings, not intended targets,” said US snowman whistleblower Edward Snowden on Twitter.

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According to The Washington Post, lawsuits against US citizens for leaking secret information were once a rarity in the United States. However, during the reigns of Barack Obama and later his successor, Donald Trump, they became more and more common. The US Justice Department is still trying to release WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is facing 175 years in prison in the United States for disclosing classified information.


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