A woman expelled during a meeting of Emmanuel Macron: “I was abused, I was taken by force” (VIDEO)

Une femme expulsée lors d'un meeting d'Emmanuel Macron: "On m’a maltraitée, on m'a prise de force" (VIDÉO)

Emmanuel Macron was traveling to Pau this Thursday to answer questions from twelve readers, as part of a meeting organized by the newspapers of the Sud Ouest group. The latter, chosen by Sud Ouest’s editorial staff, did not attend the meeting alone: ​​others had also received invitations from Macron’s party. Among them was Sonia Benhamada. He was expelled from the meeting before Macron arrived at the Beaumont Palace, where the meeting was taking place, in order to negotiate justice with the French president.

A video circulated by a Le Figaro journalist actually shows Sonia Benhamada being escorted out of the room by a security guard. “Let me go,” he is heard repeating, as one guard tries to take his phone and several others take him outside. No images were circulated of the scene that led to his removal, for the simple reason that no one was authorized to film inside, two media pre-designated and those with cameras attached.

According to Emmanuel Macron’s law enforcement services, contacted by LCI reporter Paul LaRouturo, “this woman was attacking other guests with her phone. She threatened the security of the meeting”. This is the reason why Sonia Benhamada was excommunicated.

Later Beaumont spoke in tears in front of the cameras of La République des Pyrénées at the exit of the palace. “I was taken out of the room when I was only present. They took my phone by force, they took my papers”, she said, “They abused me, I was abused, took me by force was gone”. “They don’t respect freedom of expression,” lamented Sonia Benhamada, adding that she only wanted to protect the cause of justice. She then explained that the parental authority she had over her children had been removed “in a humiliating way”, so it was her plan to question Emmanuel Macron on the subject. “I had no intention of harming their convention,” she said.

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