“A year ago we knew she was doomed so I bought this phone but last Thursday…”

Stephanie Eziani is going through a terrifying phase as she unfortunately lost her 4-year-old daughter, who died of cancer this week in Reims. The French had prepared for this tragic outcome as the diagnosis had been made a year earlier: there was no more hope for Marva. But she was not ready to overcome this test without memories.

Because on Thursday, August 4, when she was on a bench in front of the emergency entrance of the American hospital in Reims, while her daughter had the scanner, Stephanie forgot her smartphone (a gray Xiaomi MI 10T with a brown shell) . When she realizes this and goes back to look for him, he has unfortunately disappeared.

On Sunday, his daughter lost her long battle and unfortunately passed away. Since then the mother has been desperately trying to get her precious phone back. Because inside are all the pictures and videos of Marwa from last year. “My daughter has been fighting cancer since she was 2. A year ago, we knew there was no longer any hope, that she was doomed. Then I bought this phone to immortalize all the precious moments with my daughter. We tried to do as many things as possible with him. Inside this phone, so to speak, is a year of my daughter’s life: many photos and videos that I would really like to recover because we have no backups, no copies, no hard copies” , she says on Facebook.

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So he launched an appeal to recover his phone which has been shared over 12,000 times. “We dialed the number immediately but the smartphone was already switched off. We expected that the person who found her dropped her off at the hospital reception, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. You understand that it is important for me to recover this phone at all costs,” says the mother.

This ensures that she only wants to recover the smartphone. “I am not trying to trace the identity of the person who recovered my phone. Maybe it went second hand and the files haven’t been erased so that we can be recognized… I beg someone to get it back. I hope this person will let his heart speak. I observed with the hospital staff, it is possible to leave the phone at reception in an envelope named “Super Marva Hop”, no questions asked. ,


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