According to a study this is the best day of the week to take time off

According to a study this is the best day of the week to take time off

Even though the pace of work imposed by society makes us feel guilty for stopping, we all need moments of break from time to time. Whether you are self-employed or employed, take one day off Can be very restrictive though. So you too can choose it wisely. You were planning to jump on a Friday or Monday to grant yourself a long weekend three days? According to science, the best day to take a break is actually Wednesday. But how would it be more invigorating to take time off in the middle of the week? We uncover everything for you.

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in an interview with quartzDonna Ballard, a specialist in communication and chronology, time studies and communication at the University of Texas at Austin, said the research proves that Wednesday is the best day to take a break. According to him, our human experience of time is determined by “rhythm”, whether internal (such as “morning” or “night owl”) or external (such as an imposed work week or deadline for a file). “Everyone has a different chronology. Some people are slow, others are fast”He explains. “But work throws everything out the window and tells us when and how fast we have to work”,

realign at your own pace

Modern life has made our inner and outer rhythms often contradict each other. This is one of the reasons why Monday mornings are so hard. Ballard explains that we come off a weekend where we had our own rhythm to throw ourselves into the second half of the week. “So it’s friction”He says, citing blues monday. The Wednesday holiday allows you to interrupt the externally imposed stimulant, which is work, to give yourself the opportunity to rediscover your inner rhythm for the whole day. Conversely, taking a longer weekend will give us more time for our activities, but will not really disrupt the rhythm of the week. “A free Wednesday (…) turns the balance between your own pace and your work in your favor”,

There are many more benefits on Wednesday besides being in sync with your rhythm. First, if you know you only have two days before taking a break, you’re likely to be more focused and productive. “You’ll have a greater sense of calm and control”, Ballard explains. Another big advantage? You’ll usually have more options than on Monday or Friday when it comes to many public places like museums, restaurants or even doctor visits. The crowd will also be less compared to Friday afternoon. The opportunity to treat yourself – the ultimate luxury – to a cinema session in the middle of the day, with room for everything.

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