According to Rousseau Macron “ideas” the constitution a “government of national unity”.

According to Rousseau Macron

Three days after the second round of legislative elections, the political situation remains gassy for the head of state, forcing him to review his plans due to lack of being able to win a clear majority in the Palais Bourbon.

Mr Macron, who has been silent since Sunday, who celebrated the 40th anniversary of the concert in the Elysee courtyard on Tuesday evening, is to welcome the Greens’ National Secretary for Ecology-The Greens, Julian Beau, the newly-elected deputy, from 9 a.m. on Wednesday. Paris, then-president of the LFI group, Mathilde Pannot, and her former prime minister, Edouard Philippe, boss of the Horizons party.

Hence the consultation at all costs, after seeing several officials of the chess parade on Tuesday, from Christian Jacob (LR) through to Olivier Faure (PS), Fran├žois Bayreu (MoDem) and Marine Le Pen (RN).

Communist Fabian Roussel, who was invited on Tuesday evening, said Mr Macron was considering, among other scenarios, a constitution for a “government of national unity”.

Mr Macron, “asked me if we were ready to work in a government of national unity” and whether such an initiative was “the solution to get the country out of trouble”, specified the former communist candidate for the previous presidency.

But for the time being, nothing has filtered out that the head of state ultimately intended to draw from it, pressing within his own camp for his management of the legislative campaign, during which he appeared absent. . , I actively deleted. Particularly the Left united under the banner of NUPS.

Mr Macron on Tuesday renewed his Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne who submitted his resignation to him, before delving into a series of international commitments, including the European Council that begins Thursday in Brussels.

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The head of government will receive the chairmen of the assembly groups next week, government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire announced. It is a way of showing that Bourne is currently in office, even though her position appears precarious, just a month after her appointment.

First Stages of RN Deputies

Thus Edouard Philippe on Tuesday evening called for the formation of a “grand alliance” to give a “stable direction” to the country. He outlined that initiatives that may require “new profiles”.

Mr Philippe in particular hopes to strike a deal with the LR, even if many right-wing leaders close the door to any “argument of agreement”, such as party president Christian Jacob who on Tuesday “repeated” Emmanuel Macron That there was no question of entering into what could be the betrayal of our voters.”

Mr. Jacob opposed Edouard Philippe in the evening. His record is “sad”, judging by that Macroni wanted to kill LR.

For his part, Marine Le Pen, the battalion strongman of 89 deputies he should lead, took advantage of his meeting with Mr Macron to claim his group’s “chair of the finance committee” and a vice president. . of the assembly, reaffirming that the far-right group intended to be “in opposition” but “not in systematic hindrance”.

The elected RN, who was only eight years old in 2017, must take his first steps in the legislature at the Palais Bourbon on Wednesday. And on Sunday, elected representatives of the president’s majority will nominate their leaders, after beating several terms, including Assembly Speaker Richard Ferrand.

Representatives of LREM will in the morning choose the chairman of the group that has melded from 266 to 170 members. Among the four contenders to replace Christophe Castaner, who was defeated on Sunday, is Auror Berge, who was then the group’s vice-president. The other two majority partners, Horizons and MoDem, must also choose their bosses.

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At the end of the afternoon, a sort of primary majority would make it possible to appoint a candidate on the roost, a prestigious position for which many figures rank, such as Minister of Overseas Yaal Braun-Pivett, a former minister of the last five-year term. Barbara Pompilly and Joel Giroud, or even former minister LR Emmanuel Macron rallied for Eric Worth.

Of the majority, skeptic’s deputy Annie Genevaard (LR) entered the ranks, highlighting her “concrete experience”.

The Speaker of the National Assembly will be officially elected next Tuesday by all deputies.

The waltz of positions will also affect the LR on Wednesday morning, as Olivier Marlex and Julian Dives will compete for the head of the group, which must have at least 61 delegates.


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