According to the British Health Minister, the new version of coronovirus was ‘out of control’

According to the British Health Minister, the new version of coronovirus was 'out of control'

British Health Minister, Matt hancockSunday said that Coronavirus had a new strain “Out of control” To justify London lockout And part of England.

Hancock cautioned that these measures could remain effective until vaccination was widespread.

“Unfortunately, the new tension was out of control. We had to regain control, this is just a way of doing it, to restrict social activities.”As stated on the Hancock series sky NewsWarning that the situation is “extremely serious”.

“Until we have distributed the vaccine, it will be very difficult to keep it under control,” he said. “We have to deal with it for the next two months,” he said.

Similarly, Belgium will suspend the arrival of United Kingdom planes and trains from the region on Sunday night (11:00 am GMT), after discovering a new version of coronovirus in a part of British territory, a government official said AFP told.

Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander de crow, The VRT series specifies that the suspension will last at least 24 hours.

The decision came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a reorganization of London and parts of southeastern England by 30 December.

(Information from AFP)

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