Actor Steven Seagal joins the Kremlin-affiliated party

Actor Steven Seagal joins the Kremlin-affiliated party
Hollywood star Steven Seagal, Long time fan Russian President Vladimir Putin PutAttended a party in the Kremlin, it was announced today. Seagal received a membership card of a party that participates in the coalition yesterday Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth, As seen in a video released by the party. The party was founded earlier this year, when the three parties supporting Putin merged into one.

The actor, who has been a Russian citizen since 2016, suggested imposing harsh punishments on companies that destroy the environment. “Without arresting people, when we fix them, they probably make more money by producing things that pollute the environment.”He pointed this out in his speech at the party’s program. The party plans to run in the September parliamentary elections.

At yesterday’s event, Sigal photographed one of the party’s leaders, Russian writer Zakar Prilapin, who joined a pro-Russian separatist army in eastern Ukraine and commanded a combat unit in a conflict that included 14 people Were killed 7 years old.

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