Adarho Ata celebrating Apna Batukamma in Chicago

చికాగోలో అదరహో ఆటా వారి బతుకమ్మ సంబరాలు

The American Telugu Association Chicago team’s Dussehra and Batukamma celebrations will take place on October 9 at Aurora Balaji Temple in Chicago. Illinois’ 11th District Congressman Mann Foster was the chief guest at the event, which was attended by more than 250 Telugu people.

Congressman Bill Foster started the program by lighting a cauldron between the Mars instruments. Congressman Bill Foster praised the Telugu people for their great importance in engineering, medicine and occupational diseases in America. More than one million Telugu people of American origin welcomed their culture and celebration of festivals with great enthusiasm.

Women and children dressed in traditional costumes sang Batukamma songs. Kandupubba made the audience laugh a lot by describing Madhu as an anchor. The Kolatam event organized by Sarita Nandyala and team was a special attraction. Rudra Garjan and Chicago Conscious Group enthralled the audience with their innovative drum instruments. The immersion program was done with singing rhythms. The drone event was filmed with a drone camera. Jimmy worshiped and offered Prasadam to everyone. Distinctive dishes and delicacies delighted the guests.

Board of Trustees Dr. Meher Medavaram, Auto Treasurer and Trustee Sainath Reddy Boyapally presided over the event. Auto Office Coordinator Mahidhar Mascula assisted by regional coordinators Venkatarama Reddy Ravi, Venkateshwara Ramireddy and Suchitra Reddy. All Tamai hosted the event. Satish Yelamili, Vishwanath Chitra, Hari Raini, Jagan Bukaraju and Bheemi Reddy provided support. ATA President Bhuvnesh Bujala and elected President Madhu Bomineni extended Dussehra and Batukamma greetings to the people of the two Telugu states.

Suchitra Reddy, Padma Mascula, Deepti Vancha, Vaishali Ravi, Tulsi Reddy, Harathi Thudi, Aparna Kollu, Lavanya Gundu, Nandini Bukaraju, Deepika Namasani, Swathi Rao, Asha Tuluva, Supreeta Keshavrao, Prasuna Reddy Oruganti, Sudha, Sudha, Asha Reddy Pasham Malleshwari Padmallu and Sarita Challa contributed. Raffle tickets and Bathukamma presented prizes to the winners. Members of the Chicago team thanked sponsors, local organizations and volunteers who contributed to the success of the event. Auto Media President Bhanu Swargam thanked the electronic, print and web media friends and advertisers.

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