After a pig’s heart is transplanted into it: Bennett’s criminal past floats

After a pig's heart is transplanted into it: Bennett's criminal past floats

David Bennett’s story takes an unusual turn on the last day, when a shocking detail about his past is revealed. Since undergoing innovative life-saving surgery, it has become clear that the 57-year-old suffered a long prison sentence after stabbing another man and confining him to a wheelchair. David Bennett made headlines a week ago after undergoing innovative surgery to implant a pig’s heart, The operation, performed at the University of Maryland, lasted 9 hours, during which Bennett’s heart was replaced with a 240 kg pig heart bred specifically for the purpose. Watch unprecedented analysis coverage:

A man underwent a pig heart transplant in an unprecedented medical procedure (Photo: Reuters)

Now, the sister of the victim of her attack is responding to publications and condemning the academic institution that it actually chose the man who destroyed her family. “For years and years my family has suffered trauma and heartache,” said Leslie Shoemaker Downer, “now that it has been revealed that David Bennett is getting a second chance with a new heart.” If you ask me, that heart must have reached someone. who deserved it more.”

Bennett was sentenced to 10 years in prison for attacking Downer’s brother Ed at a bar in Hagerstown, Maryland. On April 30, 1988, Bennett was arrested after stabbing Ed 7 times in the upper body. He later claimed in interrogation that the victim “started with his wife.” Ed survived the attack, but was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He died in 2007, two years after a stroke.

Ed’s tragedy was not alone in the Downer family home following the attack. Ed’s brother was one of the paramedics who were called to the scene to treat him, and he has suffered a number of mental problems since then. Leslie described how in the years following the attack he became addicted to opium painkillers and eventually died in 1999 as a result of an overdose.

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The University of Maryland Medical Center cited publications about Bennett’s criminal record and said his health condition was taken into account prior to surgery. “Life saving treatment is given considering the health condition of the patient and not his background or criminal history,” it was told. “The patient was desperate when it came to us and the decision to involve him in the innovative surgery was made based on his medical records.”


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