After curling up in a church, a French TikToker cleans its windows with a Quran

Après avoir twerké dans une église, un TikTokeur français nettoie ses fenêtres avec le Coran

Benjamin Laydig is a user of the TikTok platform who desperately wants to create a buzz, even if it means isolating the entire population. After dancing in a crop top and imitating Feletio in the Catholic Church and dressed in Yarmulke, the young TikTokur decided to do it again, this time attacking the Muslim religion.

In a video posted on his new Tik Tok account, the young man wanted to make fun of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. “Whatever is written inside I find very interesting but I am not interested in it”, he first launched before pursuing the provocation.

“So maybe this book will help me wash the windows. You can also use it to nail furniture. Or to wash my desk,” he says, using the Qur’an, which he described before proceeding. has done. Send in the trash. “You get it, I have absolutely nothing to give a crap about what you wrote. And no, I’m not obligated to respect God because you, you, believe in it. So as you Can imagine, I’m not going to do much with it”.

Hiding behind “freedom of expression” to justify what Benjamin Leydig depicts in his videos, Benjamin Leydig has always refused to express regret for his actions. He was invited several times on the television set, including several times on TPMP, where he tearfully stated that he was the victim of harassment and physical intimidation, although the influencer has always been provocateur.


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