After the Pope’s visit … an Iraqi call for a national dialogue to resolve differences

After the Pope's visit ... an Iraqi call for a national dialogue to resolve differences

Today, on Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi disseminated Pope Francis’ historic visit to Iraq in the wake of a “climate of love and tolerance”, to resort to dialogue with political groups in his country to resolve their differences . .
Al-Kazemi said in a television speech, “In the atmosphere of love and tolerance promoted by His Holiness’s visit to Iraq, the land of Mesopotamia, His Holiness, we call for a national dialogue today, the aspirations of our people. A path to achieve. “
Many in Iraq hope that this People’s visit will garner more international support for the al-Kazemi government as it faces sensitive crises to curb armed groups that al-Kazmi assumed in May Has since been to reduce its power and influence. 2020.

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In the speech, al-Kazmi said, “We invite all the various political forces, popular and young protesting actors and government opponents to the table of responsible dialogue before our people and before history.”
He said, “We ask our forces and political parties to prioritize the interests of the motherland, to move away from the language of objectionable rhetoric and political speculation, to prepare for the success of early elections, and our people There was an opportunity to hope and believe in the state and the democratic system. “
Pope Francis ended his visit, which is Iraq’s first papal tour today, today, on Monday, he visited Iraqi cities, witness to the wars, met with religious leaders and spread the message that peace and peace Co-existence dominates the war. The journey started on Friday.

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