Agreement reached between La France insoumise and PS for legislative elections: “Prevent Emmanuel Macron from continuing his unjust and cruel policy”

Accord conclu entre La France insoumise et le PS pour les législatives: "Empêcher Emmanuel Macron de poursuivre sa politique injuste et brutale"

“We want to elect deputies in the majority of constituencies, to prevent Emmanuel Macron from continuing his unjust and cruel policy (RSA at 65 on free work and condition of retirement) and to defeat the far right” , declare the two structures in a combined statement.

“The prime minister will come from the largest group in the assembly, namely Jean-Luc Mélenchon”, he says.

Through this agreement, PS joins the “new popular ecological and social association”, of which EELV and PCF are already members under agreements signed in the past three days.

The text takes on the strategic principles already accepted by these two structures, on guaranteeing respect for each side’s “plurality” and “autonomy”, particularly through separate parliamentary groups, and on the establishment of an intergroup.

All the members of the union will participate in the decoration conference to be held in Oberviliers on Saturday.

On the programme, the main orientations have also been validated with the PS: minimum wage 1,400 euros net, blocking the prices of the first needs, the revocation of the El-Khomri law (a socialist), the Ecological Plan, the Sixth Republic. ,

As for retirement at age 60, it will be “for everyone”, but PS said: “with a special focus on long, unbalanced careers and difficult jobs”.

There is clearly also the “protection of the secular and universal republic”, which the socialists clearly wanted to see.

The two structures record “different stories with European construction”. But the aim is general: “to end the liberal and productive course of the European Union and to build a new project in the service of the ecological and united division.”

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As with European treaties, which at some point would block the program’s application, the LFI and PS strike a literal agreement: “we are talking about disobedience to some, temporarily disrespectful to others”.

“We have to overcome these barriers and be prepared for not respecting certain rules”, the press release said.

The agreement will be presented on Thursday evening for a vote of the internal parliament of the PS, the National Council, an appointment that promises to be tense, especially over the 70 constituencies won by socialist negotiators.


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