Air firing, tear gas bombs, world news to disperse protesters in Myanmar

Air firing, tear gas bombs, world news to disperse protesters in Myanmar

Myanmar police today used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters protesting against the military coup against changing the regime.

After the February 1 coup incident, people in Myanmar with a population of 53 million have joined the non-cooperation movement against government offices. As a result, schools, hospitals and government offices have been paralyzed.

COVIT-19 germ control measures have also been deactivated.

Martial law has been implemented in many cities to control the situation. The military janta has given strict warning that action will be taken against the protesters.

However, protests intensified for the fourth consecutive day.
Police water cannon towards Nippito, people established by the erstwhile military regime in the capital city council today. They then fired warning bombs into the sky. Eyewitnesses told AFP that rubber bullets were then used to attack people.

The emergency dispensary there said it had treated three people injured by rubber grenades.

As the water splashed, people shouted, “End military dictatorship.”

Social media images showed people running between gunpoints.

In another incident, reports confirmed that tear gas was fired at Mandalay.

More than five people have been banned from gathering in all the places where protests are taking place, including Yangon, Nepido and Mandalay.

Night curfew has been imposed in many cities.

Nevertheless, new conflicts have begun in many parts of Yangon today.

People also staged a protest in front of the National Movement Headquarters in Aung San Suu Kyi. He condemned the condemnation of political leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi.

Meanwhile, military junta chief General Ming Haleng spoke on television yesterday in defense of the coup as large crowds took to the streets.

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The United Nations has asked the world community to reimpose sanctions on Myanmar if it works.

New Zealand has severed ties with Myanmar’s top government officials and banned Myanmar board members from traveling to New Zealand.

In addition, New Zealand Prime Minister Orton has announced that he will cancel all aid programs benefiting Myanmar’s military leaders.


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