Air traffic has come to a standstill due to the fire in Croatia. residents were required to evacuate

Niszczycielska siła ogniaw Chorwacji. Ogień, który wybuchł rano w pobliżu miejscowości Seget Gornji, położonej w pobliżu Trogiru z powodu silnego wiatru, zaczął się szybko rozprzestrzeniać na teren położonych tam lasów. Dym z pożarów paraliżuje ruch lotniczy - informuje TVN24.

The destructive power of Croatia. Due to strong winds, the fire that started early in the morning near the village of Seget Gornji, located near Trogir, started spreading rapidly in the forests there. Smoke from the fire paralyzed air traffic, informs TVN24.

Several dozen firefighters from places such as Solin, Seget Vranjika, Kastela and Trogir are fighting the blaze. High temperatures and strong winds make firefighting operations extremely difficult. “Surely 80 firefighters and 25 vehicles are in the field, but help is constantly increasing. Macchia and less vegetation are burning, and the fire is spreading to the southeast” – said district commander Ivan Kovaevi.

Police also worked at the site yesterday to control the flow of traffic on one lane of DC 58 Road. The second was intended for firefighters so that they could work on removing the hazard without interruption. The local police department has asked drivers to be careful.

So far, there have been no reports of direct danger to the homes, but the evacuation of residents is underway.

We received a photo on our editorial mail from our listener, who is vacationing in Croatia and watching the firefighting action in the vicinity of Split. Planes and helicopters appeared in the area – he told. The area around Split is completely covered with smoke. The fire caused many difficulties in communication – Mr. Michael wrote to us in an e-mail.

178,000 people live in Split. The villages of Seget Gornji and Mariinska Zagora were cut off from electricity. Despite the efforts of all the fire departments in the area to douse the fire, smoke remains a major problem. The cause of the fire is unknown.

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