Akira Ikegami, incorrect comment on TV? Criticism from within the LDP … “Trump is indifferent to China’s human rights issues”

  Akira Ikegami, incorrect comment on TV?  Criticism from within the LDP ...
“Akira Ikegami’s news?” (TV Asahi) official website

The meterDonald TrumpWas the former president interested in “human rights” or not? News commentary program aired on January 30 “This was the news of Akira Ikegami !!Ah (TV Asahi System), fierce opposition has been received by some members of the Diet over comments made by moderator journalist Akira Ikegami. When Mr Ikegami made a statement on the program about democratic demonstrations in the Xinjiang Uygar Autonomous Region and Hong Kong, Mr Trump said that “there was no interest in human rights issues”, pointing out that “this is not true”. That’s right.

Liberal Democratic Party Masamun Wada “Mr. Ikegami has been disqualified”

In a broadcast the same day, Mr. Ikegami spoke about changing the government from Republican Trump to Democratic President Joe Biden. Masmun Wada, a member of the councilors of the house of the Liberal Democratic Party (proportionate, former parliamentary secretary of the Cabinet Office and former deputy general manager of the party’s public relations headquarters), cut the statement. At 2, Mr. Wada wrote an article on the proposal-type news site “BLOGOS”.Akira Ikegami’s comment which is completely contrary to the facts. Should I leave?Ounces, and condemns Mr. Ikegami as follows. I will quote below.

Shouldn’t we leave ourselves?

Mr. Ikegami is in the program

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“For example, President Trump has never said anything about such issues as many residents of the Xinjiang Uygar Autonomous Region are being held in concentration camps and the people of the Hong Kong democratic movement are being caught one after the other. Are. I did not tell you. You were not at all interested in human rights issues. However, President Biden or the Democratic Party attach great importance to human rights issues… “

I said,

President Trump has repeatedly shown a strong stance to protect human rights in the Uighur and Hong Kong issues.

TV Asahi, is very ignorant as a caster, and if he knows this, will he continue to use the caster who called the liars “lies”?> (Sicily)

Mr. Wada’s previous job was an announcer for NHK. Knowing the other side of the media, he often criticizes the content of each company’s coverage on the Internet. In addition, he is known for his sharp tongue for each program of the TV Asahi series, and this attitude is also mentioned on the site in an article published on May 18 last year.Masmune Wada argues that this “Morning Show” LDP “Three C” meeting report is a false alarm … what is the truth? “I picked him up inside.


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