All 27 agree to allow entry into the European Union for fully vaccinated travelers

All 27 agree to allow entry into the European Union for fully vaccinated travelers

Representatives of the Member States on Wednesday agreed to allow entry into the European Union for travelers from third countries receiving the required dose of anti-Covid vaccines that are authorized at the European level.

As the summer tourism season draws to a close, ambassadors of 27 have approved this recommendation proposed by the European Commission, which is however not binding. The Commission welcomed the deal, arriving two and a half weeks after its proposal.

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The Council (Member States), it said, would also expand the list of third countries with a good epidemiological status, and whereby travelers would be authorized according to the newly agreed criteria.

New emergency ban mechanism

In addition, according to an EU spokesperson, to limit the risk of variants entering the EU, the Council decided on a new mechanism of emergency sanctions, allowing member states to react quickly and in a coordinated manner. To get permission.

In his view, these elements would help resume the journey safely, while allowing for early restrictions in the event of new variants arriving.

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The European Union closed its outer borders for travel in March 2020 “The slightest thing“And from June a short list of third countries, regularly revised, whose residents – vaccinated or not – can enter the union.

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