America will have a global ‘arsenal’ of vaccines against COVID, Biden told Congress – El Financiero

America will have a global 'arsenal' of vaccines against COVID, Biden told Congress - El Financiero

In his first official speech to the US Congress, President Joe Biden stated that his country would become a “global arsenal” of COVID vaccines for the world.

In return, he presented his $ 1.8 trillion plan to support education and development for the American population.

“The United States will become an arsenal of vaccines for other countries. But all Americans will agree before the vaccine is shared, ”he insisted.

America Already 2.7 million shipped to Mexico Dose of COVID-19 Commentary by AstraZeneca, Which have not yet been approved in that country.

He also promised to help India, which is currently the epicenter of the epidemic in the world.

Meanwhile, Biden insisted on reform to “legitimize” the millions of dreamers and unspecified migrants living in the United States.

In the same wayAnd started with everything against ChinaA country which he accused of trying to become the odd force of the new world.

“We should be more competitive against China. We need to win the 21st century, “he told legislators at the Capitol in Washington DC

The democrat asserted that the Asian giant is an autocratic country that despises democracy. That too is in stark contrast to independent countries like the United States.

He stressed that Chinese President Xi Jinping is “deadly about China becoming the most influential power in the world”.

He said, “We will stand firm against autocracy, which is against us.”

Therefore, the President confirmed that his government’s policy would be “American procurement”, besides investing in education and generation of clean energy in his country.

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He stressed that there would be higher taxes for the rich to support their support packages for American families.

“The rest of the world is not waiting for us,” Biden argued, declaring that his proposals are necessary to compete on a global scale.


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