American pays off family debt on Christmas for the third year in a row

American pays off family debt on Christmas for the third year in a row

A man from Gulf Breeze, a town in northwest Florida, with a bad memory of Christmas because he was cold while raising his daughters, decided to pay water and electricity bills for several families for the third year in a row.

75-year-old Mike Esmond has returned to his home Christmas donations last week, paying bills for 29 families, totaling $85,000 (75,000 euros), Local 10 television reported this Friday.

In December 2019, Mike Esmond, owner of a pool cleaning company in Pensacola, Payment of bills for services of 36 families Prevent them from running out of electricity, water or gas during Christmas, as it did in 1983.

later, and after donating about $12,000 (10,593 Euros) to pay utility bills needed for residents of Gulf Breeze over the past two Christmas seasons, Esmond Receives a Check from the “A Nut Above” Campaign [Uma Noz Acima], being a Good Samaritan, from Planters Confectionery Company.

Since early 2021, Esmond has used check money, $104,000 (€91,807) helping Gulf Breeze families in danger of seeing cuts to public services, Payment of 667 invoices, totaling approximately $80,000 (70,621 euros), details site 10.

“In other words, I paid everyone’s bills late for a little while between March and August,” said Esmond, a veteran of the US military, for six months straight.

in December 1983 mercury reached minus 12 degrees With them, according to Weather Underground and Esmond Three daughters were left without electricity or heating as she was unable to pay her bills.

“We had no summer that year and it was the lowest temperature on record in Pensacola,” Esmond told the Pensacola News Journal, noting that there was snow hanging over the windows.


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