Amnesty is listening to Alexi Navalny to Putin’s smile

Amnesty is listening to Alexi Navalny to Putin's smile

Department of Culture. Amnesty International remembers Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalanjas Status as a prisoner of conscience. This is due to his nearly 15-year-old statements that classify as amnesty “Hate speech”.

In a short video, recorded in Russia for a campaign to legalize firearms, Navalny talks about “sometimes being attacked by cockroaches and flies”, among other things, and that a background image Depicted heavily armed Chechen separatists against.

Some sources say Navalni has distanced herself from these statements, others claim that she never did so. In any case, Amnesty feels that the latter is true. His sources, however, look somewhat strange: Kremlin-funded propaganda TV channel, editor-in-chief of RT Margarita Simone States, in a very happy tweet, that one of his colleagues “alerted Amnesty that Navalny is a fascist”.

Navalni is not a fascist.

Now it’s the matter. Navalni is not a fascist. On the other hand, he is a pure, complete politician, the only one of his kind in present-day Russia. He has shown clear development potential. And the proof of outstanding courage: Not many people will return to Russia, who simply tried, yes almost succeeded, to poison one.

But this may also seem irrelevant. The important thing to remember is that democratic rights should apply to all. Navalny has been convicted on very dubious grounds, as he did not come to a regulator to report, as should those conditionally convicted. It was a decision in an old case, which was otherwise written by the European Court as unfounded, but it is certainly a misconception that you will not get where you are going. After an assassination attempt by FSB agents, the bus was in a small finale – Alexei Navalny coma, which was demonstrated with considerable clarity by an investigation conducted by Navalny himself. His interactions with one of the agents should possibly be included in teaching materials for investigative journalism.

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Therefore – an anti-politician is innocently guilty of an undemocratic rule. This should be kept in mind.

Dimitri Plax writer, radio producer, and employee of Expresson’s Culture page.

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