“Analyses carried out show traces of explosives”

Prosecutor Matt Jungqvist said in a statement: “The analyzes that have been done have found traces of explosives on several foreign objects.” “Continuity of the preliminary inquiry would enable it to show whether anyone can be prosecuted for the offence,” the prosecution said.

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In late September, four massive gas leaks were detected on gas pipelines linking Russia to Germany, all in international waters.

However, two are in the Swedish Economic Zone and two are in Denmark.

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According to investigators, preliminary underwater inspections reinforced the suspicion of sabotage, as the leak occurred prior to the explosions.

In late October, the Nord Stream consortium, in which Russia’s Gazprom is the majority shareholder, sent a civilian ship under the Russian flag to conduct an inspection in the Swedish zone.

In November, Nord Stream also received the right to inspect gas pipelines in Danish territory, where another investigation is underway.

The two pipelines, which link Russia with Germany, have been at the center of geopolitical tensions since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, following Moscow’s decision to cut gas supplies to Europe in retaliation against Western sanctions. flared up.

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Out of service at the time of the incidents, the two gas pipelines still contained large amounts of methane, which bubbled impressively for several weeks.


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