Angela Merkel is on her last official visit to the UK. How the Queen and Prime Minister Boris Johnson greeted him

  Angela Merkel is on her last official visit to the UK.  How the Queen and Prime Minister Boris Johnson greeted him

The United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II on Friday received German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a private audience at Windsor Castle, 40km from London. It was the last official meeting between Queen Elizabeth II and Angela Merkel, two of the longest-lived female public figures of the century. The two women who ruled the world for decades seemed more than happy to say goodbye.

British Sovereign, 95, wearing a green floral dress, He greeted his guest at the door with a wide smile. He didn’t even wait for Angela Merkel’s official announcement, as required by royal protocol. Here are the pictures:

For Angela Merkel, it was probably a farewell visit to the UK as head of government. By autumn, Germany will have another chancellor for the first time in 15 years.

A personal audience with the Queen was rare during the COVID-19 pandemic and is therefore a sign of great respect for the German Chancellor. Until now, Queen Elizabeth has spent most of her time in the virtual audience at Windsor Castle.

Due to vaccination, Regina and Angela Merkel did not wear face masks during the meeting.

For Angela Merkel, this is not her first visit to the British sovereign: she was received by the Queen in 2008 and 2014. Queen Elizabeth visited Berlin the following year.

The Queen and Angela Merkel also met last month at the G7 summit hosted by the United Kingdom.

This was the 22nd visit of the German Chancellor to Britain since taking office in 2005.

An unprecedented move by Bill Clinton in Angela Meckel, 1997

Before meeting with the head of state, Angela Merkel met with her counterpart Boris Johnson at Checkers, the residence of the British Prime Minister in Buckinghamshire.

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The two leaders walked through the estate garden, then attended an (online) meeting of the British government by the German chancellor, the first foreign leader to address President Bill Clinton’s London cabinet in 1997.

The talks focused on trade and post-Brexit relations.

Later, Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson held a joint press conference in which the German Chancellor also talked about travel arrangements between the two states in the context of the pandemic and the rise in cases of Delta infections in the United Kingdom.

Below are the best photos of moments from the German Chancellor’s last official visit to Great Britain:

Angela Merkel ends her term as chancellor in September and meets Queen Elizabeth II for the last time Photo: Profimedia

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