Anti-ban protests in Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. Police drove out protesters in Stockholm

  Anti-ban protests in Switzerland, Austria and Sweden.  Police drove out protesters in Stockholm

The spread of the most contagious forms of Coronavirus They planted Restrictions all over Europe. And with them Protest Those who call More freedomDespite the risk of health facilities collapse in the event of an exponential transition. Today thousands of people took to the streets Switzerland, Austria I Sweden To oppose the measures of their respective governments.

a CoiraIn the cantonment of prisons, 4 thousand peopleAccording to the numbers provided by the local police, in recent days in other Swiss cities they have already found themselves on street demonstrations after carrying out such incidents. The performance was promoted by the association Stiller Protest (Quiet protest) which is promoting a proper policy regarding the management of the Kovid-19 epidemic. It’s about a Authorized event By the Municipal Police in compliance with certain conditions including liability Wear a mask. Demonstrators gathered on Quadravi around 1300, a meadow a few hundred meters from the station. Appeared wearing something White protective suit, Others waved flags and banners. After parading through the streets of the historic center, the event ended with speeches by various speakers, who specifically criticized the policy of the Federal Council.

Hundreds performed instead Vienna, Some of whom arrived in the Austrian capital by coaches organized from outside the city. In this case also, the police verified that the protesters respected distant rules and wore masks. The protest was organized by the right-wing party FPO And by other structures with the slogan “Democracy, Fundamental Rights and Freedom”. As per the expectations of the organizers, around 3 thousand people took the initiative, during which the former interior minister also spoke, Herbert kikal.

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Less peaceful is the result of a protest that took place in turn Stockholm. Police intervened to disperse hundreds of protesters Sweden, A country that decided to implement a policy during the first wave Zero restriction, Then left with an exponential increase in transition. Protesters oppose restrictive measures but violate Collecting restriction. The demonstration, not authorized by the authorities, was organized by the group via social media Independence sweden, Which challenges the government to deal with restrictions and epidemics.

After the agents’ intervention, the crowd left Madambargärplatsen in the Södermalm neighborhood, towards the central Kungstradgarden Park, parading behind a banner reading “For Freedom and Truth”. Some protesters waved Indications against vaccination. There was a brief confrontation between the protesters and the police near the bridge, before the authorities allowed the crowd to pass. After arriving at the park, protesters recaptureOrder to spread. Agents have Dragged many people Amidst protests from other protesters who later left.


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