Argentina pulled back and barred Brazilians from entering until 8 January

Argentina pulled back and barred Brazilians from entering until 8 January

Increasing cases of Kovid-19 infection and discovery of a new strain makes neighbors safer

The Argentine government announced changes in procedures for foreign visitors and travel to Argentina who have traveled abroad. From this Friday (25), citizens of the border countries – including Brazilians – can no longer enter the country.

The change was prompted by the identification of mutations in the Saras-Kov-2 virus, which causes Kovid-19, and by an increase in the number of cases of the disease. Argentina once again allowed foreigners from neighboring countries (Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay) to enter at the end of October, again as a test to receive international tourists. Visitors could only travel through the Buenos Aires region. As of this Friday, the trial is postponed.

Another change is that all Argentines now returning to the country will have to undergo a negative test for the RT-PCR type Kovid performed 72 hours earlier, in addition to completing a seven-day quarantine. Earlier, Argentine citizens could opt for quarantine instead of taking the exam, which was already required for foreigners.

The new rules are valid until at least January 8, when they will be amended.

One of the companies with flights from Brazil to Argentina, Latum informed that passengers should “consult for constant updates to the country’s requirements of their travel destination before flight, abide by their boarding rules and restrictions” And keep your website updated with this information for consultation.

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Passengers of the company affected by the Argentine government’s measure can reschedule the flight date, request a full refund of the ticket or change the origin or destination of their ticket, without penalty or fare difference – in this case In, they may have to bear the fare difference.


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