Astronauts returning on spacex rocket

HOUSTON: Four astronauts of the International Space Station (ISS) have returned to Earth aboard a privately owned SpaceX rocket. The capsule they were traveling landed in the ocean off the coast of Panama City near Florida on Sunday morning. This program reflects the ever-increasing private participation in the field of space research. SpaceX is a space research company owned by industrial giant Elon Musk. SpaceX Resilience capsules were used for this operation. The returning astronauts included three Americans and one Japanese. They landed after a journey of six and a half hours. He also used the same capsule to go into space. The capsule landed in the Gulf of Mexico with the help of a parachute. The astronauts were first flown to Florida by helicopter from the US Coast Guard and then to Houston, Texas. With their arrival, only seven astronauts remained on the ISS. SpaceX has announced that it will provide an additional 68 million miles of travel space for four astronauts, just as regular airlines consistently give extra miles to passengers. Capsule commander Mike Bopkins also responded jokingly. He asked the delegates who had sent him a message whether they could turn these extra miles into others. To which he replied that he should contact the marketing department of the company. The astronauts involved in the mission spent 167 days in space. This is the first time American astronauts have been in space for such a long time since the 1974 Skylab mission. The Skylab mission lasted 84 days.


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