“At Some Point I Have to Ask Questions”: When Caroline Roux Gets Impatient With Emmanuel Macron

On Wednesday evening, on the news of France 2, Emmanuel Macron was on set to address the various national issues facing France during an hour-long interview. Two weeks ago, the President of the Republic was invited to the same set to address international issues.

Except that while Emmanuel Macron can hold the microphone, he can sometimes deliver endless monologues. One thing that definitely pissed off show host Carolyn Roux. The latter, who was facing the president, sometimes had trouble asking his questions, with Emmanuel Macron refusing to interrupt his presentation.

“We need to talk about pension reform,” she interrupts. “I’m getting there. Don’t worry,” replied Emmanuel Macron. “I am not worried at all, but I would like us to talk about the work of superiors as well, which is a topic…”, he continues before being cut by Emmanuel Macron.

Finally, the journalist begins to lose patience: “At some point, I’ll have to ask questions”.

A comment to which he replies that “it stands”. However, this does not mean that Emmanuel Macron left the floor for the presenter.

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