Attack on the capitol | Strong division around the formation of the commission of inquiry

  Attack on the capitol |  Strong division around the formation of the commission of inquiry

(Washington) The US Congress on Wednesday appeared divided over the creation of a commission to investigate the deadly attack on Capitol Hill by Trump supporter protesters, with Republican leaders announcing their opposition ahead of a key vote.

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“After careful study, I have decided to oppose the biased and unbalanced proposal of the House Democrats to form another commission to study the events of January 6,” said the influential Republican minority leader. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell.

He stressed the existence of several ongoing police investigations, which have already led to hundreds of arrests, and he said he feared that this new commission would hamper his progress.

The day before, his counterpart in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, had already announced his opposition to the vote on the proposal, though co-written by a Republican, and which would provide for the creation of a commission elected by five members is. Elected by Democrats and five other Republicans.

The text should nevertheless be adopted in the House on Wednesday evening, thanks to the support of Democrats, who are in the majority, but also of some Republicans.

McConnell’s opposition, however, complicates its passage in the Senate, where at least ten Republicans must join Democrats for the text to become law.

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday, “It seems very unfortunate that they are afraid of the truth.”

Republican John Katko, who worked to achieve this consensus text among some Republicans and Democrats, promised that the commission would be “completely politicized”.

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Former President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate after a vigorous trial in February, on charges of “inciting extremism” by the House of Representatives.

If Mitch McConnell had voted to acquit him, believing that the Upper House was not competent, he would have found the billionaire “responsible” for the riots.

But since then, most Republicans have wanted to turn the page.

“People have climbed the Capitol, beheaded the Capitol Police with a lead pipe”, Tim Ryan, an elected Democrat, was angered during a debate in the Hemicycle on Wednesday.

“If we can’t come to an agreement between Republicans and Democrats on this, then what should happen in this country?”


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