Attorney General’s Office Reforms: Inter-American Court Warns Decision Not Being Followed

Attorney General's Office Reforms: Inter-American Court Warns Decision Not Being Followed

At a time when there is a fierce controversy over the expansion of more than 1,200 quota of payrolls in the country. Representative a stern announcement from Inter-American Court of Human RightsRegarding the recent improvement to that control unit.

As the CM and the newscast revealed, the Inter-American Court warned that the reform of the Attorney General’s office that included 1,208 new posts This does not comply with a decision issued by the body that condemned the Colombian state for the removal of Gustavo Petro, the then mayor of Bogota.

(In context: By decree and at Christmas he created over 1,200 positions in the Attorney General’s office)

The document establishes that it does not comply with the sentencing mandate adopted in the case of Gustavo Petro, the former mayor of Bogota.

“The document establishes that it does not comply with the sentencing mandate adopted in the case of the former mayor of Bogota, Gustavo Petro, and questions whether the office of Attorney General still has the powers to disqualify and remove elected officials. retains it,” the newscast said, on the November 25 resolution.

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Finally, the chief minister and the news program adds that the Inter-American Court is “pending that the state adapt internal regulations that empower the office of the nation’s attorney general to impose sanctions on the dismissal and disqualification of democratically elected public officials.” and it is requested to furnish information in this regard in the following report.”

For his part, Petro indicated on Twitter: “This is a true lie from the Attorney General. The sentence obliging the Attorney General to stop stripping citizens of political rights; instead, what the Attorney General did.” Turned him into a political cop instead of Congressmen’s charges.”

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The criterion has 27 articles and Article 26 establishes what new positions are to be created, of which 20 will be new advisors to the Attorney General’s office, a director in the Vice Attorney’s office, 10 new representative attorneys, 32 to the Attorney General’s Office, and 32 to the Attorney General’s Office. Lawyers include regional attorneys, a district attorney, 60 provincial attorneys, among others.

In all, as per the details of the accounts, there will be 1,208 new permanent jobs coming to the unit, which does not establish the form of provision of the same, so there are doubts about whether they will be freely appointed and removed. , i.e. ‘up to the finger’.
Following the controversy over Decree 1851 of 2021, the Attorney General’s office indicated that the decision of the Inter-American Court was to be followed “which alleged that the officer preparing the charge is not the same one who directed the sentence, thus generates the need for separation of charges. Functions of the Unit, which means appointment of an Inquiry Officer and an Testing Officer”.



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