Austria considering a lockdown without vaccination as of today

Austria considering a lockdown without vaccination as of today

The DPA, citing a draft document containing a similar proposal, reported that Austria plans to introduce a lockdown for unvaccinated and non-vaccinated COVID-19 to date.

As per the plan, the measure will be effective from midnight and will initially last till November 24.

The draft document says that this solution is needed to prevent malfunctions in the health system.
The federal government plans to discuss the proposal with provincial leaders today. A committee in the lower house of parliament will decide on the motion tonight, but it is considered only a formality.

As per the measure, people who have not been vaccinated or who have not had COVID-19 will only be able to leave their homes under certain circumstances while the lockdown is in place, such as for essential reasons – to buy basic necessities. work to go home. To follow a religion, to take a walk to maintain physical and mental health. The lockdown will not apply to children below the age of 12, the BTA informed.

Yesterday, Austria recorded more than 13,000 new coronavirus infections. On an average, the cases of infection in 7 days are 814.6 per 100,000 people.

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