Back to face classes: What does Ctera say…

Back to face classes: What does Ctera say…

that Government, First through President Alberto Fernandez and then through his Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, Assurance That Back to face classes Is one Preference for this year. Cafiero, in fact, had confirmed taking that step Teacher’s It is nodal and they will do everything possible so that it is implemented as soon as possible and Education Minister Nicholas Trotta said that this week he will inform how this process will be implemented as a killer. came Feedback from the Chief Teachers Association. Education workers union (Ctera) warned that Return from face to face classes Should be Agreed with teachers In National parity meetings, Which will be in February and he claimed ServiceThe governor does what Call provincial peers to address the specific realities of each location. It was told in a Document Released this Monday.

On Document, signed by Sonia Alesso and Roberto Bardell, among others, To Ctera show that The incidence of Kovid 19 in children and adolescents “has increased since summer in Europe and the United States” And shows “a Parallel trend of adult affairs“Therefore, Centers for Control and Prevention of Viruses have recommended” Measures of extreme care in schools“.

The Confederation of Education adds to its concern about the current panorama in Argentina, where “the lowest number of cases has increased in recent weeks” and adds uncertainty due to the presence of new strains.

Union gives Open support for initiatives to vaccinate teaching and non-teaching staff. In this line, he remarks that the commentary “A. Mass epidemiology prevention strategy“.

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However, it claims to have a return of attendance Debated with unions in national joint Called for February, and with the same purpose that the Governor convenes without delay by the District.

One in working condition Why are anxiety Huh Location in school buildings And this How the activities will be plannedAccording to the development of the epidemic. other is Lack of resources for teaching work in virtual, Seeing it The education system will pass through mixed morphological stagesCombined with learning from home by attendance.

On the other hand, CTERA This shows Worried by New strains of virus. Citing ua Publication Of la Universidad Johns Hopkins (USA) notes that Mutations Can contribute to increased infection in young population“.

Minister of Education, Nicolas Trotta, Some criteria for the strategy to vaccinate teachers advanced. In the statements of Radio National, he said that The order of how they will be protected this week will be defined But what It will begin with those who have “more physical bonds” with their studentsSuch as special education, kindergarten, and the first three years of elementary school.

On the other hand, he argued that “vaccines are not a mandatory condition to guarantee attendance” and that stability in classes would be gradual and should proceed in a “careful and safe” manner.

“The challenge we have is to guarantee a safe presence in our educational system, it is part of the agenda that we present to the governors,” the minister said.

in that sense, He said the government’s aim is to restore normalcy during this year for “increased vaccination procedures”.

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With regard to the status of unions to return to attendance at classes, he assured that he would go through 24 Courts to have a “meeting with ministers of education and trade association organizations”.


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