Bad news for Belgians traveling to or returning from France

Bad news for Belgians traveling to or returning from France

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YesSerious disturbances in the Gare du Nord in Paris in the middle of Pentecost weekend: suburban and main line traffic was disrupted for several hours departing and arriving at the station, and only gradually resumed on the main lines in the afternoon, SNCF indicated . The traffic of thalis has also been affected.

The Paris-Lille TGV “experienced a catenary event in Saint-Denis this morning. The cause of this event may be linked to last night’s thunderstorm in le-de-France, but we are not sure,” an SNCF spokesman said. told AFP. The passengers of the TGV concerned had to be evacuated and shifted to another train. “For security reasons, the power supply in the area had to be temporarily disrupted, disrupting the operation of all trains,” he said. After reporting a “completely disrupted” movement, the SNCF indicated on its website, “Train movement for all carriers departing and arriving from Paris Gare du Nord at 2:30 p.m. is very slowly resumed. will begin with.”

Several Eurostar and Thalis trains have been cancelled, and Eurostar recommends passengers to “postpone their journey if possible”. “All our trains to and from Paris are subject to major delays and cancellations,” the cross-channel company said on Twitter. Thalys also suggested their customers to postpone their trip. “There will be no departure from Paris or any arrival in Paris before 4:00 pm. Delays and major delays are expected throughout the day,” explains the company, which serves Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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On his internet, Thalis warned that trains from Brussels scheduled for 8:43 a.m. and 2:43 p.m. on Monday were cancelled, as were those scheduled to arrive in Brussels at 6:47 p.m. from Paris.


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