Bad thing at the wrong time, more than half of the British evaluate Meghan and Harry’s interview

Bad thing at the wrong time, more than half of the British evaluate Meghan and Harry's interview

If the conversation was to improve public opinion about Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan, he was unsuccessful. In surveys, some Sussex have held the same position, in some he has offended. It offered some critical opinion, according to which the interview was primarily for American audiences.

According to a survey by JL Partners published in the Tabloid Daily Mail, 33 percent of Britons think Harry and Meghan did the right thing, and about 53 percent believe otherwise.

Most Britain also does not consider this a happy time to negotiate until the world is recovering from an epidemic crisis and Prince Philip is hospitalized. 54 per cent of Britons believe it, while 30 per cent of respondents thought the time was right.

Asked what they did worse in the interview, respondents responded in 49 percent of cases to the royal family, in 32 percent of cases, Harry and Meghan. Interviewers were much more divided on who they would trust. In 37 percent they rely on the royal family, in 35 percent the Sussex family.

Popularity varies with age

According to the YouGov analyst group, the interview did not change much about the royal family and the public’s attitude towards Harry and Meghan. Compared to last Thursday’s data, the royal family has lost sympathy for 2 percent of respondents, and now 36 percent of respondents have sympathy with it. Sympathy with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has increased from 18 per cent to the current 22 per cent.

With increasing age, the sympathizers of the interviewees turn to the royal family. In the 29–49 age group, it is still 40:23 in favor of Sussex, the 50–64 age group already thinks in 39 per cent of cases that the royal family acted impartially and 20 per cent did not. In the 65+ category, a similar half believe that the family acted impartially, with only 15 percent thinking otherwise.

Apart from the more significant decline of Duchess Meghan, nothing changes in the popularity chart of individual members of the royal family. Within the so-called net rating (the interviewer answers whether the person considers the positive – positive point or negative – negative point) Meghan is worse off by six points (-8) and the second lowest after Prince Andrew (-73) Popular is a person in the royal family. The most popular is still Queen Elizabeth II.


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