Bangladesh: Fire in River Ghat. At least 39 people died

  Bangladesh: Fire in River Ghat.  At least 39 people died

prom flown from country capitals Dhaki About 250 km south to Barguna. The fire started near Mimsta Jhalokathi at the end of the road. There were 800 passengers on board the ship.

15 fire tenders extinguished the burning ship. After two hours, the fire was brought under control, and after eight hours, the charred boat was sufficiently cooled to allow the blackened hull to be placed on the riverbank.

Bodies of 37 victims were retrieved from the river, two died on the way to the hospital. Local police said 70 people have been admitted to the hospital with injuries. He said some of them suffered severe burns.

This was another in a series of similar disasters in this lowland country in South Asia. Ferry is one of the primary means of transporting people and goods there.

Experts cite lack of proper maintenance, very lenient safety regulations and overcrowding of ferries as reasons for the disasters.

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