barbed wire fence on the border…

barbed wire fence on the border...

Warsaw and the three Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) jointly condemned a “hybrid attack” organized by Belarus which, according to them, encourages migrants to cross into EU territory illegally.

Work will start from next week.

Mariusz BlazzacPolish Defense Minister

Polish Defense Minister Marius Blaszak said on Monday that a new fence “as if it has proven itself on the Serbian-Hungarian border”, made of a few superimposed spirals of barbed wire, would double the previously single wire barrier. It already stretches for about 130 kilometers, or about a third of the length of the border between the two countries.

“Work will start next week,” Blaszczak told reporters.

doubling of military personnel

The minister announced that military personnel at the border would soon double, reaching about 2,000 troops sent to support the border police. “We will oppose the birth of a new route for smuggling immigrants through Polish territory,” he insisted.

Four countries in the eastern part of the European Union on Monday urged the United Nations to take action against Belarus. The prime ministers of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland assured in a joint declaration that the influx of migrants was “planned and systematically organized by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko”.

Thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, have crossed the Belarusian-European border in recent months, facing severe sanctions imposed by the EU, which the EU sees as a form of retaliation from the Belarusian regime. Him.

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