Beer over wine, poison? Scientists Show That This Proverb Isn’t True

 Beer over wine, poison?  Scientists Show That This Proverb Isn't True

,Grapes or Grains But Never Two,Beer of Vision, Venice,Beer of Wain, Das Lassi Sen,beer on wine, poison“… in whatever language it is expressed, this famous saying applies like a scientific truth when it comes to alcoholism. But in the end, is it really so? To avoid getting sick, what with alcohol? Is it better to avoid mixtures or to consume them in a certain order? These German scientists have studied the question, conducted experiments in support.

have you ever deprived yourself of a gallant Offering refreshments after your glass of spritz? In terms of popular belief, the instruction to avoid the mix at all costs (especially if the alcohol content is reduced) is as hard as a hangover the day after a party. researchers Joran Koechling, berit gesso, Stephen Wirth and University’s Kai O Hansel Viton/Herdeke This issue has been seriously examined in a study in Germany. Posted inAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition,

the study

To verify whether the claim is true, scientists set up a triple clinical trial control And randomhe is safest of experimental methods Requires the presence of a control group and the distribution of patients between groups.

So Joran Koechling and her colleagues found themselves with 90 volunteers, aged 19 to 40, who were asked to drink. The participants were divided into four groups. The study took place over two days a week apart.

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