Belgium closes its airspace to all Russian companies

La Belgique ferme son espace aérien à toutes les compagnies russes

“Belgium has decided to close its airspace to all Russian airlines,” Prime Minister Alexander de Crew announced on Sunday.

“The skies are open in Europe, but open to those who unite people, not those who ruthlessly attack,” he wrote on Twitter.

Finland, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany had previously announced that they would close their airspace to Russian aircraft. So Russian air traffic faces a very large no-fly zone in Europe, making westbound flights a heavy detour.

Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet, for his part, looks forward to European coordination on the subject. “In response to aggression against Ukraine, Europe must isolate Russia economically, economically, but also in the air,” he tweeted.

After Belgium’s declaration, several other European countries followed suit. Thus, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Italy have also closed their airspace to Russia.

In retaliation, Moscow has begun banning aircraft belonging to these European countries from flying over its territory, including transit flights.

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