Benjamin Netanyahu: Grand Alliance to ‘bring down’ Netanyahu; Is there a new Prime Minister for Israel? – Benjamin Netanyahu looks to form Yair lapid government in Israel on his way

  Benjamin Netanyahu: Grand Alliance to 'bring down' Netanyahu;  Is there a new Prime Minister for Israel?  - Benjamin Netanyahu looks to form Yair lapid government in Israel on his way
Jerusalem: Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly set to step down as Israel’s Prime Minister in talks to form a new government. Leader of the opposition Air Lapid has initiated new steps to form the government, leaving Netanyahu’s prospects faded. In the new political environment, it will be important to see who comes to power in Israel.

New move in israel

According to Israeli media reports, Air Lapid spoke to extremist nationalist leader Naphtali Bennett and began the process of forming the government. Both settled disputes related to taking power. Air Lapid has until Wednesday to form the government.

Bennett confirmed the news

Bennett confirmed the political moves under the leadership of Air Lapid. “Every effort is being made to form a government with his friend and current opposition leader Yer Lapid, who if God wishes, can take the country together and take it in the right direction,” he said.

Bennett’s position decisive

Yer Lapid’s ‘Yesh Etid’ party needs Bennett’s support to form the government. There are indications that if the talks are successful, each of them will be the Prime Minister in turn for two years. Bennett would be the first to get his turn as part of Lapid’s agreement. As of now, it is not known what he will do after leaving the post. Yash Atid has informed that meetings and discussions are going on.

Bennett is not trivial

Bennett was a highly placed officer in previous governments. He had close ties with Benjamin Netanyahu while in power. He is the leader of a small party made up of Jews whose ideology is religious and national. Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, failed to win a majority in last March’s election. The Lapid-led party finished second in the election. This marked the beginning of a conversation between Yer Lapid and Bennett.

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Likud Party to break alliance

Supporters of Netanyahu’s Likud party began a ploy to break the alliance. Bennett reportedly turned down the offer. If talks between Yer Lapid and Bennett do not succeed by Wednesday, Israel will hold another election later this year. Netanyahu’s Likud Party, among others, has said that Israel’s electoral system of proportional representation cannot be won without the participation of smaller parties. Netanyahu has been in power for the last 12 years.


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