Biden condemns reports that Trump called Fallon soldiers “losers.”

Biden condemns reports that Trump called Fallon soldiers

Wilmington, Dale. – Apparently angry Joseph R. Biden Jr. Was shot on Friday President Trump Mr. Trump has reportedly made remarkable disrespectful remarks about fallen soldiers, suggesting that such words confirm his opinion that Republicans are unfit to serve as commander-in-chief.

In a fiery speech and subsequent news conference, Mr. Biden expressed his displeasure over a report. Atlantic That Mr. Trump referred to American soldiers killed in combat during World War I as “lost” and “suckers” and repeatedly expressed dislike for military service on other issues of the presidency. Mr. Trump and many of his aides Denied Reporting, citing several sources but not their names.

“If what is written in the Atlantic is true, it is disgusting,” Mr. Biden commented, adding that he gave a short drive from the house to the gymnasium. “It confirms that most of us believe what is true: that Donald Trump does not deserve to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Ticketing a list of other well-documented examples of military veterans rejecting the sacrifices of veterans, including John McCain, Mr. Biden said, “President Trump has shown he has no sense of service, no. Loyalty to any cause other than oneself. “

Mr Biden, who at one point noted he was trying to keep his tongue shut in an attempt to strike a chord with the president, spoke in surprise terms on Friday about the military service of his late son, Bou Biden, who died in 2015 from the Iraq war and brain cancer. Found.

Barely angry, he said Beau Biden was “not a ‘sucker,'” adding that “the servicemen and women who served with him, especially those who did not come home, were ‘not lost.’

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He called the reporting “reprehensible” and said it appeared to be true, adding that “I have never been disappointed in my entire career with the leader.”

“He’s sick,” said Mr. Biden, who is anxious for the deaths of American soldiers and often concludes his remarks with the sentence, “God protect our troops.” “It simply came to our notice then. He is very American. It is very unpatriotic. “

Military giants are often Republican-leaning and they backed Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. According to exit polls. But in 2018 many prominent Democratic House candidates were P. Te and Mr. Biden, who were This is backed by a long list of Republican national security experts, Hoping to appeal to more voters in alliance with the military.

Mr. Trump’s criticism of Mr. Biden came in a speech that was otherwise focused on the economy, an area that has been a tool of political power for the president, although epidemic threats have threatened his standing on the issue. In the national Quinnipiac University poll Released on Wednesday, potential voters were equally divided over whether Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden would do better to handle the economy.

But Mr Biden’s remarks about the president set the tone for his event. Asked about supporters of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory Quennon, Mr Biden replied: “I have been a big supporter of mental health. I recommend it to people who believe that maybe benefit should be taken while it is still in the affordable care law. It’s weird. Quite strange. “

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Prior to Mr. Biden’s speech, the Labor Department provided a snapshot of the virus’s continued economic toll. Job growth slows in Job Gust, Said the department, As 1.4 million jobs have been added to the economy, down from the previous three months. More than 11 million jobs remain below their levels before the epidemic. The unemployment rate fell to 4.4 per cent from 1.7..7 per cent in April.

In his speech, Mr. Biden said, “Blaming the President for controlling the virus, you cannot make an economic comeback when about 1,000,000 Americans die every day from covid.” Reversing the attack on him by Republicans, he declared, “You are not safe in Donald Trump’s America.”

In response to Jobs’ report, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtho said in a statement that Mr. Biden “hopes for economic ruin to advance his political fortunes.”

“While the work is not done,” he said, “President Trump’s policies put us in a position to fight the coronavirus crisis and open up faster than Doomsday predicted, like Biden.”

Report by Thomas Kaplan from Wilmington, and Katie Gluick from New York.


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