Biden’s team is active in the field of foreign policy / day

Biden's team is active in the field of foreign policy / day

The US has also decided to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by 11 September and the process is being coordinated with NATO. The Baden administration is looking for ways to renegotiate with Iran to suspend its nuclear program and is ready to take the initiative to slow global climate change by correcting the mistakes made during Trump.

Call putin

By Tuesday, Biden and Putin had spoken by telephone for the second time since assuming the office of US President on January 20 this year. The AFP has written, citing a White House statement that the conversation took place at Baden’s initiative and has proposed to meet in the neutral months and discuss the most comprehensive issues in the coming months. “This summer is meant in the coming months,” said White House spokesman Jane Saki. the new York Times.

Both Western and Russian media have reported that such a meeting could take place in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, where Putin and Trump met in July 2018.

The White House statement emphasized that Biden had made it clear to his Russian counterpart that the United States would act decisively to protect its national interests in response to Russian activities such as cyber activities and interference in the US election. “The president also expressed concern about the unexpected concentration of Russian military forces on the borders of Crimea and Ukraine, calling on Russia to reduce tensions,” he said. Reuters.

He said that the United States wanted to establish a stable relationship with Russia, but it did not expect a relationship based on mutual trust – at the moment it could only be about stability and predictability.

In Moscow, Biden’s call for talks is widely interpreted as an expression of the weakness of the US president, even as fears of Russian military force demonstrating on the Ukrainian border. In a conversation with AFP, Russian campaigner Fyodor Lukyanov confirmed this: “Russia will present this potential meeting as a major achievement, and to some extent it is – until some time ago, Biden objected to Putin. Talks were made, but replied to meet him. He had no time. ”

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Reassuring europe

Apart from the President, representatives of his administration are also active on the diplomatic front. Defense Minister Austin unexpectedly announced in Berlin earlier in the week that the American contingent in Germany would be reinforced by 500 troops by the autumn, German wave. This suggests that the Biden administration has completely abandoned the plan announced by Trump to reduce the number of US troops stationed in Germany by one-third, or about 12,000 troops. It is likely that the headquarters of American regional forces, which Trump wanted to relocate to Brussels, will also remain in Germany. Austin is the first member of the Baden team to pay an official visit to Germany and has indicated that ties that have weakened over the past four years will now be stronger.

Among other things, he has publicly devoted himself to protecting less than 2% of his GDP, not least in Germany (and some other NATO members).

Yesterday, Austin, like US Secretary of State Blinken, was in Brussels, where arrangements for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan were agreed with NATO troops. Euronews Explains that the meeting was held online and that both senior US officials were able to attend their offices in Washington equally. Therefore, his arrival in Europe should be seen as a clear sign for Biden that the United States does not intend to discredit or outshine its traditional allies in Western Europe, but to coordinate its plans with them .

The United Kingdom, which will be the next stop on the Austin tour, will not be ignored, with a BBC report stating that the main theme in London could be the army’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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